Tourist battered by man for refusing sex


A British tourist traveling in Turkey was beaten by a man after refusing to have sex. Emma Higginson , 35, suffered a fractured skull, eye and nose after being attacked at her hotel, according to British tabloid The Sun.

Emma was “almost unrecognizable” and the sheets, walls and tiles in her room became covered with blood after the attack, according to the newspaper report. The police arrested British car salesman Declan Marshall , 27, in connection with the attack.

Emma, ​​who works as a credit controller and agreed to have her identity revealed, told The Sun she wants “everyone to see what this man did to me.” The victim – who is hospitalized at a local hospital – added: “My mother and my sister could barely recognize me. I’m in a lot of pain. ”


The attack happened the week in Icmeler, seaside resort in the Aegean Sea that is almost 800km from Istanbul. On vacation, Emma was with friends at a nightclub when she met Marshall. The group invited Marshall to sleep on the couch where they were since the man had said he could not return home.

“I went to my room and slept, but a few minutes later he was in my bed trying to have sex with me. I said I was not interested, “Emma recalled.” I remember him saying I had no respect, but I said I had a boyfriend. He then hit me twice and I deleted him. When I woke up I was on the balcony and there was blood everywhere.


Marshall was arrested at a nearby hotel after Turkish police used the nightclub’s security cameras to identify him. He is currently being detained and must report to a judge this week.

Her lawyer told The Sun: “I’m sorry for the injuries she suffered. She was very hurt. My client challenges some facts – he was very drunk and can not remember much more than pushing her too lightly. ”

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